Izotope RX:
A Practical Guide
for Podcasters

Use RX to produce
better sounding podcasts.

Price $99

A Practical Guide

RX can feel daunting and intimidating, but you don't need a degree in RXology to get good results.  A good starting point and a basic understanding of how to use a handful of modules is all you need. Once you harness the power of RX, you can become a sonic sorcerer that can fight all kinds of audio imperfections.

Are you a podcaster, editor or manager who simply wants to learn how to use RX without all the technical talk? This course was made for you. You will get a preset pack to provide you with a good starting point with most modules and learn how to:

I've been where you are.

I put off learning RX as long as I could. The spectrogram was confusing so I would try presets. When the results didn't provide the desired outcome, I moved on. Too many sliders and settings that I didn't understand. Once I made the decision to become a podcast editor, I had to learn how to actually use RX. I bought every course I could find and started learning. Between those courses and 2 years of real-world experience, I've learned how to use RX to fight anything my clients throw at me. By incorporating RX into my everyday process, I was able to streamline my workflow and simplify my mixing process.

Jesse working at his editing station

Who is this course for?

Podcast Editors & Managers

Knowing how to use RX is essential if you are editing other people's recordings. The transformations you can make with RX will make a noticeable difference that your clients can hear.

DIY Podcasters

Improve your audio quality and provide your listeners with a better listening experience by removing common distractions from your recordings.

What You Will Learn

Understanding the Spectrogram

The spectrogram is what makes RX such a powerful tool and you will learn to decode it to help you see what you are hearing.

How to use the modules

Filter out the modules that you won't use in podcast cleanup. Learn how to use the ones that are commonly used with video demonstrations and practice clips.

Setup chains and batch processes

In addition to learning how to use the modules, you will learn the recommended order to process your audio which will make it easier to build out custom module chains and batch processes. This will help you save time.


Save time by using presets that get you off to a good starting point each time.


Easily deliver each episode with the same loudness every time.

Podcast Editing School

This course includes a 6 month membership to our Podcast Editing School community to make this a more interactive learning experience.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Jesse's style and quality of audio production is top notch. He is an elite podcast producer due to his experience, talent, knowledge, production tools and personal skills.

Chris Curran

Podcast Engineering School & Host of Podcast Engineering Show
I developed a system over nearly seven years of podcasting…but I wasn’t satisfied. Jesse analyzed my flow and sound quality and then provided a different approach. I incorporated Jesse’s approach to my podcast and the results are:
1. I regained time by editing more efficiently
2. My sound improved,
3. I have a better understanding of post production work.

Scott Davidson

Host, Living Adaptive & This Is A True Story
As someone who is new to audio/podcasting, it's important that I learn the basics and fundamentals of how audio works, and having, not only an expert, but someone who can teach well, is key to a successful lesson, and Jesse checks both those boxes, I highly recommend!"

Doug Parsons

Host, P23 Podcasts


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