Who Is Tansy Aster?

Our Why

Sharing Knowledge Without Judgement

Podcasting is deeply rooted in DIY culture, which is great but can lead to individuals recommending what has worked for them as the only way to do things. This approach can be challenging as what works for one person may not work for another.

This is true for learning the skills needed to edit and produce podcasts as well as for learning how to run a podcast service business. Many people are self-taught and may not know other ways of doing things. That's why Tansy Aster Academy was created, to focus on skills, ideas, and techniques instead of templates, scripts, and checklists. We prioritize agility over dogma and embrace change.

There isn't one right way to do things, only the right way for you. Our goal is to focus on the community and create content that is most effective for you. We bring people together to form a safe space where you can share, discuss, and learn.

Who We Are

headshot of Jesse McCune

Jesse McCune

As a lifelong lover of music, I’ve always gotten lost in the music and heard details many people never paid attention to.  This led to passions for guitar, sound design and audio engineering.  I’ve spent the last 20 years working in my home studio honing my music production, audio engineering and mixing skills. In 2020, I became a certified Podcast Engineer. At Tansy Aster, I’m responsible for podcast production, engineering and editing, running audio on shoots and audio post production. You could say audio is a passion of mine. I love hiking, mountain biking, geeking out on music and guitars.

Tara Kelly

Storytelling is my life, and I’m always working to get to the next level. I have a BA in Film & Digital Media from the University of California Santa Cruz, a Brand Management Certificate from Cornell University, and over a decade of professional experience working as a brand strategist + designer, web developer, video and music producer, and copywriter. Telling a damn good story is what gets me up in the morning. In my career, I've worked with nonprofits, thought leaders, multi-published authors, healthcare organizations, and organizations focused on social responsibility and sustainability. I strive to make the world a more inclusive and accessible place for all. I’m also a multi-published, award-winning author with Macmillan who is obsessed with avocados, hiking, and chasing storms. #proudlyneurodivergent

Portrait of Tara Kelly
Portrait of Amanda McCune

Amanda McCune

I’m passionate about helping business owners, freelancers, and other self-employed individuals maneuver the business world and find the fun in it. Because it is fun!

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, but my real knowledge comes from my experience. I was in charge of other people’s businesses – franchises, startups, and corporations – for 18 years before starting my own.

I’m one of those rare people who isn’t right-brained or left-brained – I use both sides equally. I’ve always been at my best when I have a more logical role in a creative environment – it helps me stay balanced. That’s why I specialize in working with creatives. I’m able to help them create systems that work for them to be more productive and less stressed. I’ve helped a number of self-employed creatives manage their businesses more effectively through private coaching and small group workshops.

I know what it takes to run a successful business, and it’s more than just providing quality services. It requires hard work, resourcefulness, adaptability, organization, strong instincts, and so much more. But the payoff – the freedom of working for yourself – is worth everything.