Izotope RX: A Practical Guide for Podcast Editors

Jesse McCune
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Get ready to become the sonic sorcerer you've always wanted to be, capable of tackling any audio imperfections that come your way. It's time to transform your audio editing journey with Izotope RX.

  • Over 4.5 hours of video lessons including a complete walk through with me as I clean up all the audio for an episode
  • Izotope RX mastery
  • Streamline your process with templates, presets, and efficient workflows
  • Exclusive 6 month access to our vibrant Podcast Editing School community
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Izotope RX: A Practical Guide for Podcast Editors
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Izotope RX: A Practical Guide for Podcast Editors

Unlock the power of Izotope RX with our hands-on course designed specifically for podcast editors and managers. Ditch the technical talk and learn practical RX skills that will improve the quality of the podcasts you work on.

Navigating Izotope RX is Overwhelming

You’ve invested in Izotope RX, known for its power in audio cleanup. But with countless modules and technical jargon, it feels like you need a degree in RXology to make any headway. Where do you even begin?

Inconsistent Client Deliverables Affect Your Reputation

As a podcast editor, you're committed to delivering high-quality audio for your clients. But dealing with varying recording conditions and mastering the intricacies of noise reduction can lead to inconsistent outcomes. How can you ensure consistently top-notch audio that enhances your professional reputation?

Time-Consuming Audio Cleanup Process

You're constantly juggling a myriad of tasks. Spending endless hours on audio cleanup using RX's seemingly complicated tools isn't exactly helping. Each episode feels like a puzzling new challenge, consuming valuable time that you could be investing in refining your workflow or attracting new clients. There's got to be a better way, right?

What You'll Learn

Master the Sonic Sorcery of RX

You've been tinkering with RX, but it still feels like a labyrinth of sliders and settings. This course will demystify RX for you, helping you become the sonic sorcerer who can wrestle any audio imperfection into submission with confidence and ease.

Fast-Track Your Cleanup Process

Are you tired of going through the same cumbersome cleanup process for each episode? You'll learn how to utilize module chains and batch processes to automate repetitive tasks, saving you precious time and making your editing process more efficient.

Increase Your Value Proposition

Your skill with RX could be the deciding factor for potential clients. By learning how to consistently produce clean, high-quality audio, you'll not only impress current clients but also attract new ones. After all, who doesn't want their podcast to sound the best it can?

Who This Is For

Whether you're a budding podcaster, a podcast editor aiming to amplify your skills, or a podcast manager seeking to enhance the quality of your production, this course is specifically tailored for you.

The art of podcast editing is as much about understanding the tools as it is about knowing the purpose behind each tweak and adjustment. And let's face it, the interface of Izotope RX can be a bit daunting at first glance. But that's where this course steps in.

During my journey from podcast editing novice to professional, I faced the same struggles you might be grappling with right now. The overwhelming array of modules, the intricate settings, the uncertainty of what each slider does. It's a steep learning curve, and I've been there.

With this in mind, I've designed Izotope RX: A Practical Guide for Podcast Editors to be a bridge between confusion and confidence. I've stripped away the technical jargon and made sure that the strategies presented align with the everyday challenges podcast editors and managers face.

This course is about empowering you to use RX in a way that makes your podcasts sound better and your workflow smoother. It's about helping you become more specific, more focused, and more efficient in your craft.

So, take the leap. Specialize in your craft, deepen your expertise with RX, and let this become your secret weapon for producing outstanding podcasts. After all, when you speak the language of quality audio, your clients will feel understood and valued. This is how you'll build authority, impress clients, and ultimately, elevate your podcast editing career.


I developed a system over nearly seven years of podcasting…but I wasn’t satisfied. Jesse analyzed my flow and sound quality and then provided a different approach. I incorporated Jesse’s approach to my podcast and the results are:1. I regained time by editing more efficiently2. My sound improved,3. I have a better understanding of post production work.

Scott Davidson

Host, Living Adaptive & This Is A True Story
As someone who is new to audio/podcasting, it's important that I learn the basics and fundamentals of how audio works, and having, not only an expert, but someone who can teach well, is key to a successful lesson, and Jesse checks both those boxes, I highly recommend!"

Doug Parsons

Host, P23 Podcasts

Izotope RX: A Practical Guide

Get ready to become the sonic sorcerer you've always wanted to be, capable of tackling any audio imperfections that come your way. It's time to transform your audio editing journey with Izotope RX.

$ 99.00