Podcast Editing School Monthly Pass

Tansy Aster Creative
$ 15.00 

Unleash your potential as a podcast editor with Podcast Editing School. Enhance your expertise and deliver audio experiences that truly stand out.

  • Comprehensive course materials covering all aspects of podcast editing
  • Expert tutorials on the use of industry-standard tools like Izotope RX
  • Techniques to improve audio quality and consistency across episodes
  • Guidance on efficient workflows to save time and effort
  • 1-year access to the supportive Podcast Editing School community
  • Access to out exclusive library of videos created for the community to demonstrate various techniques and approaches
  • Live Office Hours and demonstrations multiple times a month

Podcast Editing School Monthly Pass

Podcast Editing School Monthly Pass

Feeling stuck in your editing journey? The hurdle might not be your skills, but rather your approach. Podcast Editing School equips you with the knowledge to tackle any editing challenge head-on, creating new avenues for growth and accomplishment.

Are technical terms and tools causing frustration? Demystify industry-standard tools like Izotope RX, transforming them from obstacles into allies in your editing process.

Tired of inconsistent audio quality across episodes? Learn techniques to ensure audio consistency, delivering a professional and enjoyable listening experience every time.

$ 15.00