Pro Group Annual Pass

Tansy Aster Creative
$ 250.00 

The Pro Group propels your podcast editing journey to new heights, turning your expertise into a thriving profession.

  • An engaging and supportive space for professional podcast editors and managers
  • Insightful discussions and shared expertise from industry pros
  • A platform for collaboration and growth
  • Specialized resources and recommendations tailored to the needs of podcast service professionals
  • Exclusive live calls to develop and enhance your business skills and knowledge
  • A year of inclusive access to the vibrant Pro Group community

Pro Group Annual Pass

Pro Group Annual Pass

Transitioning into the professional realm can be challenging. You've honed your editing skills, now it's time to market yourself in the podcasting industry. The Pro Group provides you with the knowledge and community support to kickstart this journey,

Time to upgrade your professional network. As a part of the Pro Group, you're no longer working in isolation. Engage with other professional podcast editors, share insights, and gain knowledge from their experiences. This is more than a group—it's a platform for collaboration and growth.

Are you tired of relying on word of mouth and want to make yourself more discoverable to clients? Break away from what everyone else is doing and discover how things are done outside the podcasting space. Tap into various trends and strategies that can increase your visibility

$ 250.00