A Podcast Editing Workflow: How Does A Professional Editor Do It?

Hey, everybody! When I first started out as an editor, finding good information was quite the task. Not just the basic editing 101 stuff that's everywhere but something more in-depth about how a professional podcast editor works.

That's why I started Tansy Aster Academy! I noticed that there was a void in good quality, accurate information for podcast editors. Some materials were too basic, while others were too technical for those who aren't aspiring to be audio engineers. I want to bridge that gap with Tansy Aster Academy and our YouTube channel..

1. File Organization

2. Cleaning the Raw Audio In Izotope RX

3. Set Up the Mix

4. Editing

5. Mastering

In Conclusion

It typically takes me 3-4 hours from raw audio to a finished episode, but remember, efficiency comes with experience.

Whether you're starting as a podcast editor or want to refine your skills, I hope this insight into my workflow will help you. Don't be shy to experiment, and find what works best for you. Check out the accompanying video for more detailed guidance, and subscribe to the channel if you find it helpful.

Happy editing! I'll talk to you all next time.