Denoise Shootout for Podcast Editors: 5 Tools Compared

Hey everybody! It's time to dig into the archives and pull out a a plugin shootout for the podcast editors out there. This is a denoise plugin shootout that I conducted about a year ago. I'll test the most used plugins for denoising, focusing on a particular recording that was challenging due to its high noise floor and changing ambient noise pitch. Intrigued? So let's get started.

The Sample

This sample was recorded using a built-in microphone on an older PC laptop running on internal battery power. The recording was not the best quality, making it an ideal candidate for testing the power of various denoisers.

The denoisers put to the test were:

Your Take

Now it's your turn. You've heard the clips, you've analyzed the performance, and now I want to hear from you! Which one sounded best to you? Which one was the worst? Share your thoughts and once we hit 10 comments, I'll post a video revealing which clip was processed by which denoiser.

Remember, this test is all about finding the best tools for podcast editors. You are the driving force behind the clarity of every conversation, every word, and every sound bite. Your thoughts matter and I like to see what others think of the tools out there..


Whether you're a seasoned podcast editor or new to the world of audio processing, this denoiser shootout provides valuable insights. It's all about helping you be able to produce cleaner, better sounding audio. So, join the discussion and share your thoughts.