Don't Get Caught Unprepared: Backup Plans for Podcast Editors

Hey there fellow podcast editors, I'm sure we've all experienced unexpected interruptions or outages at some point in our lives, whether it's an internet outage, service outage or another unexpected issue with a favorite app. It's essential to be prepared for such unexpected events, especially when our work relies on various tools and technologies.

Why Offline Apps and Programs?

I was recently reminded of the importance of having a Plan B when the grocery store's system crashed while I was waiting in line. That got me pondering about our dependence on cloud-based apps and the problems that might arise if we lose internet or face a service outage.

I'm a fan of using offline apps and programs whenever possible. Although Hennenberg has recently given me some issues with version 2 (it dials home causing some trouble), it still runs locally. Unlike cloud-based apps, which can't function during an outage, offline apps will still work, provided you can log in.

The Risk of Relying on New Software

Running a business requires calculated risks, and relying on new, untested software can pose potential problems. From bugs and security issues to the program disappearing altogether because it couldn't stay afloat, there's a lot to consider.

Startups might offer enticing features, but they are more prone to closure compared to established companies. That's why I often opt for tools from reputable companies, even if it means paying a bit more. With the influx of AI tools, it's vital to be judicious in our choices, knowing that many may disappear as the novelty wears off.

What If a Key Tool Gets Acquired?

Another consideration is the acquisition of essential tools by large corporations. For instance, Facebook ended Accusonos, absorbing its technology into their products. Similarly, Apple has been known to acquire companies and integrate them into their software.

Imagine relying on Descript for every episode, using it to clean up audio and expedite your workflow. What if Apple buys Descript, discontinuing it to implement its technology into Final Cut Pro and Logic? Would you have a backup plan?


As podcast editors, having a backup plan is not just wise; it's necessary. Our workflow's efficiency and quality can depend on the tools we use, and having a solid Plan B ensures that we're never caught off guard. Whether it's choosing offline apps, established companies, or being prepared for sudden discontinuations, we must be proactive.

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