What Plugins Do I Use When I Edit Podcasts?

Hey everybody!

I often get asked about my favorite plugins and what I recommend when it comes to buying them. Today I'm taking you on a quick tour of the tools that get used in almost every one of my sessions.

My DAW of Choice: Hindenburg

First things first, let's talk about Hindenburg. After 20 years of using Logic, I realized it wasn't for me when it came to editing dialogue. I tested various DAWs like Audition (which was like a foreign language), Audacity (but, why did it take so long for non-destructive editing?), and Universal Audio's Luna (still a little rough around the edges).

I circled back to Hindenburg. At first, the way they displayed waveforms didn't click with me, but a second trial made me appreciate it. Now, I've come to grow and love everything about Hindenburg.

A Must-Have Tool: Izotope RX

If you're editing for clients, Izotope RX is your best friend. It might seem intimidating at first, but trust me, it's worth learning. The mouth-de-click alone justifies its price! If you're new to RX, don't worry; I've got a course that's like an RX video manual to help you out.

Universal Audio: My Go-To Plugins

I've been a fan of Universal Audio plugins for 15 years. Their Fairchild 670 compressor, Ampex ATR-102 tape deck, API 2500 bus compressor, and 1176 and LA-2A compressors are my daily companions. Their interfaces make recording a breeze, and I love not having to do much post-work.

Smart Plugins by Sonible

New to my chain are Sonible's Smart:Plugins. The Smart:Comp has become my dialogue compressor, and their Smart:Gate is incredible. Need a gate? You won't find anything better.

Teaching Tools: FabFilter

When teaching, FabFilter's user-friendly interface makes it easy to explain everything. Pro-Q3 is my go-to EQ, and Pro DS is the only de-esser I use. Simple and effective.

Freebie Alert: YouLean Loudness Meter

Here's a free tool I can't recommend more: the YouLean Loudness Meter. It helps ensure your levels and dynamics are where you want them to be.

Last But Not Least: Plugin Alliance

Although I don't use Plugin Alliance often for podcast editing, I use them for making music. Affordable and good sounding, they offer plugins with free lifetime updates. Some of my favorites are the BX console Focusrite and Kirchoff EQ.

They are regularly having sales, so don't pay full price for these plugins!

Wrapping Up

These tools make my life easier and my work better. Whether it's Hindenburg's friendly workflow, Isotope's audio magic, or the affordable gems from Plugin Alliance, these plugins are my studio essentials.

Thanks for tuning in, and remember, the right tools can make a world of difference. Happy editing, and see you all next time! 🎧